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GreenTech Rangers

One-year Pre-accelerator for Sustainability Startups



GreenTech Rangers is a startup pre-acceleration programme designed to improve social entrepreneurial ecosystem
in Moldova and beyond. The programme integrates various startup initiatives within Eastern Europe
to create a valuable learning and development journey for young talents and prospective entrepreneurs.

GreenTech Rangers is focused on nurturing and supporting intra- and entrepreneurial startups specifically
in the GreenTech / CleanTech / EcoTech industry. Through its startup development and support process,
the programme contributes to achievement of a number of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), such as
Affordable and Clean Energy, Sustainable Cities and Communities, and Climate Change.


about the 2019 edition of the GreenTech Rangers pre-acceleration programme:


Progression  Levels

of intense development of social startups mixed with advanced education on social entrepreneurship and continuous coaching support


Local  Events

ranging from inspirational workshops and mentoring meetings to challenging eco-hackathons and national startup pitching competition


Global Competitions

including Eco-hackathon International with its preparation workshops and the international startup competition ClimateLaunchpad


Talented  Youth

accepted into the programme and gained advanced knowledge and skills in social entrepreneurship and purpose-driven startup development


Social  Entrepreneurs

educated and developed to the level of them being able to create high-performing teams and become founders of social startups 


Social  Startups

created and evolved throughout the programme identify their market value, develop their product, build up traction, and begin generating revenue


GreenTech Rangers focuses on creating innovative solutions and social startups for specific
Sustainable Development Goals. In the 2019 edition, the main SDG themes are:


Affordable and Clean Energy

We accept and support ideas of innovative solutions and social startups that are connected to the domains of Energy Consumption and Energy Efficiency.


Sustainable Cities and Communities

We expect our participants to create sustainable eco-innovations and social ventures in the domains of Transportation Infrastructure and Community Engagement.



We envision to support the creation and development of social enterprises in the domains of Climate Change Mitigation and Carbon Sequestration.


GreenTech Rangers is comprised of 3 consecutive levels, each containing 3 key events:


Level I. SEEDLING: Ideation & Preparation

At the first level, you learn about possibilities and case studies of social and green entrepreneurship through a number of Inspirational Workshops.

After that you start building your entrepreneurial
skills and capabilities via a series of Preparation Workshops.

Finally, you form a team with other participants, develop your startup idea, research the problem-solution fit, and initiate prototyping of your product/service at the National Eco-hackathon.


Level II. BLOOMING: Prototyping & Testing

At the second level, you and your startup team work further on developing your prototype into Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and preparing it 
for testing on the real market at the Sustainability Bootcamp.

Your team also has a dedicated mentor, who guides and supports you with relevant advice, resources, and networks related to product-market fit research and testing through Mentoring Meetings.

Lastly, you further develop your MVP and evolve it into market-ready product/service at the International Eco-hackathon.


Level III. FRUITING: Launch & Scaling

At the third and final level, you and your team benefit from additional mentoring support in establishing your social startup as registered entity and in launching your product/service on the targeted markets.

You also participate in the National and International Finals of ClimateLaunchpad - the world's largest green business ideas competition dedicated to the GreenTech / CleanTech / EcoTech industry.

Finally, at the GreenTech Rangers Gala, you present your results and positive social and environmental impact created, join GreenTech Rangers alumni network, and receive social impact investments for scaling up.


GreenTech Rangers offers a vast range of benefits for both you and your social startup team:

Practical  Learning

You will gain practical knowledge and develop skills in green entrepreneurship through workshops and web platform.

International  Mentors

You will benefit from coaching and mentoring support from local and international mentors and experienced social entrepreneurs.

High-level  Networking

You will meet with peer eco-innovators, researchers, and social entrepreneurs from Moldova and other participating countries.

Year-long  Support

You will enjoy professional support for your social startup during an entire year and beyond as a member of the alumni network.

Eco-friendly  Journey

Your will develop your social startup in an eco-friendly environment with healthy meals, sports and minimum environmental footprint.

Valuable  Prizes

You will get the chance to receive prizes valuable for your startup during different pitching competitions of the programme.


Take a look at the past events that are now part of the GreenTech Rangers programme:

Read about these events in various mass-media sources:


Begin transforming your social entrepreneurial idea into a promising GreenTech startup
by applying for either Eco-Hackathon or ClimateLaunchpad or both.



If you have neither a startup idea nor a prototype of its product or service yet, we encourage you to register for Eco-Hackathon and to develop both of them within 48 hours.



If you already have an environment-improving startup idea, we invite you to submit it for ClimateLaunchpad, a national and global competition of green business ideas.


GreenTech Rangers is managed by a consortium of 3 organisations: MEGA, Generator Hub / DNT, and EcoVisio. Over the last 5 years, these entities
have organized over 60 events in the field of sustainable social entrepreneurship, thus engaging and developing more than 2300 young people.



MEGA is a social entrepreneurial organisation focused on delivering services of gamification, serious game development, gamified trainings, and e-learning with environmental and social value.


Generator Hub

Generator HUB is the first creative coworking space in the Republic of Moldova. Its purpose is to increase the IT sector in Moldova and to create a community of open, talented, and socially active people.



EcoVisio is an environmental organisation from Moldova focusing its work on empowerment and capacity building for resilience, sustainable development, and social entrepreneurship.


GreenTech Rangers is supported by a number of local and international partners and sponsors.
They contribute to successful implementation of GreenTech Rangers and add value to the entire programme.


GreenTech Rangers is featured in news portals of a number of mass-media partners,
which help greatly in spreading the word about the programme.


Get to know the people behind the GreenTech Rangers programme:

Olesea  Țerna

Executive Director

Alexandr  Ișcenco

Strategic Coordinator

Doina  Iațîșin

Communication Coordinator


We are happy to connect with you and to discuss possible collaboration and/or participation
in the GreenTech Rangers programme. Use the form below to send us a message.

You can also subscribe to the GreenTech Rangers newsletter below
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Stefan cel Mare 202, block 2
Moldova, Republic of                  


Phone: +373 22 490519
Mobile: +373 69675157